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Rhythm of Life – celebrate diversity

Cross-over seminar with dance and music

Every once in a while, a seminar comes along that will resonate with you for years to come. Rhythm of Life is that seminar. A unique event that sets your mind to work and gets your senses into overdrive. Take a peek into the world of organisation cultures, diversity, inclusion and leadership with Jitske Kramer and Wende.

Jitske and Wende will seduce you into shifting your boundaries, challenging you to really experience the power of diversity and to embrace the magical mix of differences. In a breath-taking seminar, complete with dancers and musicians, you will be transported to a world of abundant space where everyone’s talents can flourish.


The power of diversity

Do you want to make optimal use of the talents within your organisation? Then be open for diversity and inclusion because it’s in their mutual differences that you will find people’s talents.

  • If you can embrace differences
  • You will collaborate better
  • You will have, and give, more trust
  • You will make use of other people’s talents as well as your own
  • You will adapt to change more easily
  • You will be a more effective manager


If you want to experience this seminar to see if this is an event for your organization in 2018 of 2019, please contact us: contact@managementplezier.nl or phone: 06 14673490

13.30 – 17.00
Muziekgebouw Eindhoven



Inclusion model

The vibrant seminar Rhythm of Life is based on a single rock-solid foundation: Jitske Kramer’s Inclusion model. It’s a practical model for all leaders who want to tap into people’s differences for the benefit of growth in an organisation.

At the end of the day, you will have learned how to view other people without having any preconceived notions and to embrace the power of differences. You will have a bag full of tools you’ll be able to use on a daily basis.


Jitske Kramer

Drs. Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist, public speaker, facilitator and entrepreneur. She’s the author of the bestellers Normaal is Anders (Managing Cultural Dynamics), Deep Democracy, Wow! Wat een verschil (Wow! What a difference) and co-author of The Corporate Tribe (Management book of the year, 2016).

Jitske travels the world in search of anthropological insights in leadership, organisation culture and diversity, sharing her discoveries in fascinating lectures and master classes on collaboration and leadership in organisations.



Wende is a multi-talented individual, winner of two Edisons, a Golden Harp and a Golden Calf nomination. Above all, she is a true artist who uses the stage to reach people, constantly exploring the limits of what’s possible.

She goes in search of the spheres of tension between theatre, popular music, and electronic and classical music, exploring how they can make contact with each other. The power lies in the collisions of the various styles. Wende astonishes, challenges, opens eyes, and touches people.


‘Rhythm of Life’ is organized by ManagementPlezier for Philips.

4 June 2018
13.30 – 17.00

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven




Peter Rombouts & Marga Wouter, Mikkel Jörgensen & Cyldra van Schierbeek, Britten Youth String Orchestra under the direction of Loes Visser